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Posted September 19, 2016by Alicia Lazzaro


Navigate 2016 is less than two weeks away! In anticipation of the conference, we wanted to give you an overview of what you can expect from the mobile app and how you can leverage it to make your Navigate 2016 experience the best it can be.

Overview of the Mobile App

The Navigate 2016 mobile app is a platform for attendees to stay informed about the conference and interact with each other. In the app, attendees can access the agenda, learn more about our speakers and sponsors, view interactive maps of the venue and more!

Powered by Double Dutch, the app can be downloaded directly from your smartphone. Search “Navigate 2016” in the App store.

Navigate 2016 Mobile App Features

Navigate 2016 Mobile App Activity FeedOnce you’ve downloaded and logged into the app, you land on the Activity Feed. This is a space for attendees to post pictures, comment and like each other’s posts and see what everyone is up to! From here, you can navigate to the rest of the app with the menu in the top left corner of the screen.

Use the navigation to view the agenda and see the conference speakers and sponsors. You can bookmark agenda items, speakers and sponsors that you are interested in and view them in a neat little package in your “Bookmarks” tab.

The Event Information tab has… you guessed it. Event information! View a brief description of important details like the Wifi network, social media information and more.


The mobile app has an interactive map of the both the Partner Showcase and the Seaport Hotel. On the map of the Partner Showcase, you can click on sponsor booths for locations, directions and sponsor profiles. The map of the Seaport Hotel shows the three floor levels that Navigate will be on.

Continuum Booth and the GYB Hub

This page outlines the different stations of the Continuum Booth. Click here to learn more about what you can expect from each kiosk.

The Grow Your Business Bar is back and even bigger than last year… it’s now a Hub! This page outlines what the GYB Hub is all about and the various sales and marketing tips and actionable takeaways you can expect. Use this page to book appointments for a specific stations so you don’t miss out on any of the great breakout sessions!


Instead of using paper surveys like we have in the past, we are going all digital. We have four surveys available to attendees: a post-training session survey, a post-breakout session survey, a Grow Your Business Hub survey and feedback for our Product Team. You can find the breakout and training surveys by clicking on the related session via the Agenda tab. The GYB Hub and Continuum Product Feedback surveys can be found on the Survey tab.

Scavenger Hunt/Raffle at Jillian’s

We know that our scavenger hunt is a crowd favorite, so we had to bring it back to Boston with us. Instead of the game just being solely a photo-taking challenge, you can also earn points for various interactions within the app. The tasks are given 1-5 points depending on the level of difficulty.

Those who earn at least 30 points by 7pm on Thursday, September 29 will be entered into a raffle at Jillian’s.

In addition to the raffle, there will be prizes given to the top ten scorers. The contest will end on Friday, September 30 at 2pm. Employees are welcome to participate but will not be entered into the prize drawings. Check the Leaderboard tab to see where you are in the ranking!

Push and Promoted Messages

Once you download the app, you can expect two ways to receive messages from the Continuum Team. Promoted messages will stick to the top of the activity feed for a set period of time and promoted messages.

We have strategically scheduled both push and promoted messages at various times throughout the conference based on the agenda and content offerings. For example, we’ll notify you when it’s time for keynotes, but we’ll also be using it as a way to remind you that it’s time to board the busses for our evening event at Jillian’s. You wouldn’t want to miss that!


An exciting new feature to the app this year is the addition of polling. Speakers have the capability to poll session attendees and see the results real-time as votes come in. Polls go live when the session they are attached to begins. You can find the polls by clicking on the related session via the Agenda tab.

From everyone at Continuum, we can’t wait to see you at Navigate! Travel safely and we’ll see you at the Seaport.


Download the Navigate 2016 eGuide

Alicia Lazzaro graduated from Emerson College with an individually designed major incorporating the fields of marketing, publishing and journalism. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring Boston, binge-watching Netflix and cooking.

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