Business Growth and Marketing Masters: Robin Robins 2015 Sales & Marketing Boot Camp Review

Posted May 1, 2015by Ben Barker


A week ago, hundreds of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) gathered in Nashville, Tennessee for Robin Robins 2015 Boot Camp. Navigate 2015 keynote speaker, Robin Robins is the industry's leading marketing and sales consultant for Managed IT Services Providers, and after absorbing all that she and the other presenters at the event had to offer, it's no wonder why. Along with providing valuable insight to the business owners on hand, Robin highlighted the seven MSPs who have shown the most growth over the past year in her "Better Your Best" competition, five of which we're proud to announce were our incredible partners!

Without giving away any of her industry-altering secrets, we thought it was necessary to provide a brief recap of the valuable information that Robin Robins and her many amazing guests presented at the 2015 Boot Camp. Whether it was a presentation on what makes a good leader by Kevin O'Leary, a heartwarming story from one of the "Better Your Best" finalists or a lesson on lead generation from Robin herself, the 2015 Boot Camp provided valuable insight on how MSPs can grow their businesses.

Better Your Best Finalists

One of the highlights of the conference was the presentations from the 2015 Better Your Best finalists. This year, five of the seven finalists happened to be Continuum partners. Jay Ryerse of Digitel Corporation, Scott Spiro of Computer Solutions Group, Bill Ooms of BSS Consulting, Howard Globus of IT On Demand and Ikram Massabini of MVP Network Consulting told their success stories in front of hundreds of Robin Robins attendees who are striving to reach the same goals. All of the presentations were well-received and valuable, but the two that stood out as the winners were Jay Ryerse and Scott Spiro. Here at Continuum, we wanted to give a big congratulations to all of our partners who were named finalists. Check out the video below!


For their incredible growth in sales and marketing, Jay and Scott were each presented with awesome rewards. Jay's prize package included a lease to a Mercedes Benz while Scott was presented with a Rolex watch!




Insight from the Speakers

Although it was great to see our hardworking Continuum partners take home fabulous prizes, the real value of the Robin Robins 2015 Boot Camp came from the speaker sessions. There was too much incredible content to cover it all, but below, we've highlighted a few of the key takeaways from the event.

Lead Generation

One of the sessions that really stood out was Robin Robins' presentation on lead generation. Robin talked about the importance of building a quality list. "There's money to be extracted from lists the same way there's oil to be extracted from sandstone," said Robins. In addition to her guidelines on the best way to build and acquire prospect lists, Robins touched on the importance and impact of utilizing "emotional copy." According to Robins, people have a much stronger response to campaigns and ads that apply to their emotions, whether it be humor, empathy or concern. The importance of utilizing emotional copy led nicely into the next portion of the presentation which focused on headlines. Robins was adamant that vague headlines just won't cut it. Powerful and emotional headlines will get the clicks.


In the end, Robins wanted her attendees to understand that marketing takes patience and persistence. "Sending out one campaign once is not doing Robin Robins. You can't complain about cavities and bad breath if you're taking toothpaste and rubbing it in your eye," said Robins.

Secrets of a Successful Leader

Robin Robins wasn't the only speaker at her conference. Entrepreneur and Shark Tank star, Kevin O'Leary gave an amazing presentation that covered everything from great sales vs. weak sales tactics to the 10 secrets to being a successful leader. When it comes to being a good leader, O'Leary focused on keeping your mind on the end goal and being ruthless when you need to be. "I want my competitors in every company I own to fear me," said O'Leary.



Fundamentals of a Growth Business

Robin Robins was back on stage to deliver her key fundamentals of a growth business. Robins used High Point University as a running example during her presentation and highlighted the efforts of Dr. Nido R. Qubein, the President of the University. Dr. Nido R. Qubein implemented efforts that led to the University experiencing exponential growth. Robins cited Dr. Nido R. Qubein's ability to remove irritants, build with the customer in mind and change the language and culture of his University as reasons for his great success.

Overall, the Robin Robins 2015 IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp provided an opportunity for MSPs to learn from industry experts, as well as their own peers. Some business owners in attendance have experienced more success with marketing than others, but they all seemed to be committed to the ideas and theories that Robin Robins and the other event speakers were presenting.

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