Continuum Cuts the Ribbon at Its New Home

Posted March 1, 2016by Ben Barker



Last week, Continuum held an official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on the 31st floor of 99 High Street in Boston, the location of its new headquarters. Among the attendees was Massachusetts Secretary of Housing and Economic Development, Jay Ash. Ash, along with Continuum's CEO Michael George, spoke to the importance of Continuum's expansion and growth as a Boston tech company before cutting the ribbon at Continuum's new home.

Michael George and Jay Ash celebrate after cutting the ribbon.

There was plenty of food and drink for the guests in attendance, who also had a chance to tour the 25,000-square-foot office. Features of the new space include a full high-definition media studio, a ping-pong table and cornhole beanbag set, meditation rooms, “relaxation stations” and breathtaking views of Boston.

Two Continuum employees play ping pong while others watch on.

Michael George knows the importance having a space that Continuum employees can call their own.

"The experience with Continuum will start the moment the elevator door opens. It's branded that way. It's a part of our space. You're in our space the second that happens and we make sure we carry that experience throughout the entire space. We didn't inherit somebody else's space and try to make it our own. We took raw, open space and really built it from the ground up to be ours in every way in every dimension. It's really exciting because it's ours and when I say ours it's every one of ours to step into as a part of this place in our journey together."

Another highlight of Continuum's new space is the addition of "collaboration spaces" where employees can gather to brainstorm and work on projects. These spaces encourage teamwork, which is a big part of Continuum's success.

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