Continuum Donates Generator to Weirton Area Ambulance and Rescue Squad

Posted January 20, 2016by Ben Barker


In September 2015, Continuum expanded its office in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. As a part of the expansion, a new generator was purchased that could handle the much larger office space. Instead of selling the old generator, Continuum decided to donate it to the Weirton Area Ambulance and Rescue Squad.

The decision to donate the generator was a collaborative effort between Vince Silvia, IT Manager, Continuum and Dominic Carpini, Technical Account Manager, Continuum. 

The Weirton Area Ambulance and Rescue Squad (WAARS) is a non-profit organization that has been continuously providing paramedic and rescue services to the Weirton, West Virginia area since 1972. This Ambulance and Rescue group supports communities in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Weirton is in a panhandle that reaches all three states, even though they are located in West Virginia.

Weirton needed a generator for the services they provide to over 26,000 people. Continuum’s donation will allow them to continue their work without interruption.

The donation of the generator provides a replacement for an older, undersized unit. It is critical that WAARS communication systems be available to the public in the event of a situation resulting in the loss of utility power.  This donation provides this potentially life-saving support.

Dominic Carpini has been a member, volunteer and paid staff member of the squad since its inception in 1972 and knows the importance of this donation.

"At one point I was the lead dispatcher, so I am intimately aware of the limitations of the backup generator currently in use. Vince Silvia approached me about a donation. I presented that to the squad and they were amenable to that."

RECO Equipment, located in Cranberry Township helped with the bucket loader to move onto a flatbed truck loaned by Green’s Towing in Weirton, WV.


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