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We know that as an MSP, your plate is very full, which can sometimes prevent your technical staff from focusing on the important things, such as higher-value projects and business growth. This was the problem that Sophicity, a provider of high-quality IT products and services tailored to city governments, wanted to solve. Sophicity set out on a search for an RMM provider with an integrated Help Desk capable of providing desktop troubleshooting and end user support. They eventually found the solution they were searching for in Continuum’s white-label U.S.-based Help Desk, and fully-integrated RMM and NOC platform. Read more about our partnership and how our services help Sophicity put the IT in city!


How Sophicity Met Continuum

Founded in 2000, Sophicity initially set their focus on software development, but they quickly found themselves specializing in a unique vertical – local government. Now, with over fifteen years of experience working directly with cities, Sophicity is positioned to deliver the highest quality IT products and services to their governments.

“It’s such a unique market and tight-knit community,” says Nathan Eisner, Sophicity’s Chief Operations Officer. “Word about us began to spread.”

Today, the company is providing a complete suite of managed IT services and solutions for government agencies throughout the Southeast – and they’re relying on Continuum’s Pennsylvania Help Desk to help make it happen.




"I can't say enough about Continuum's Help Desk. It's been fantastic. It's completely changed the way we do business."

Nathan Eisner, Chief Operations Officer of Sophicity


A Helping Hand

As Sophicity continued to develop, they found that their growing technical staff was becoming difficult to sustain – especially having to justify the cost of onboarding new entry-level hires.

“We realized that the investment we had to make to hire new Level 1 technicians was simply too much,” says Eisner. “So we decided to give Continuum’s Help Desk a try.”

Continuum’s white-label Help Desk offers frontline troubleshooting and desktop support to more than 35,000 end users, providing services that Sophicity had previously tried to maintain in-house. As a trial, Sophicity brought five clients onto Continuum’s Help Desk. Eisner was so impressed with the results that he hasn’t looked back since. “It worked out beautifully,” he recalls. “The Help Desk immediately improved our response times, and the customers knew they could call in and get a live person on the phone right away. That completely changed the clients’ perception of us – it was a night and day difference.”

Today, about 80% of Sophicity’s customers are supported by Continuum’s Help Desk. Eisner appreciates investing in more upper-level engineers and focusing on bigger, more in-depth projects. “Continuum took one of our biggest pain points and fixed it,” he adds.


Leveraging Our Network Assessment Tool

Another big part of Sophicity’s business is technology consulting and refreshing. “Our clients can be years behind on technology, and we’ve got to help them modernize,” says Eisner. “Leveraging Continuum’s Help Desk frees our engineers to devote more time to these appointments, which has helped us grow faster.” Sophicity relies on Continuum’s Network Assessment Tool, a solution powered by RapidFire Tools, during these appointments. “We run a quarterly audit for all of our clients, and part of that audit involves running the Network Assessment Tool in their environment,” says Eisner. “The reports contain so much good information that our clients really appreciate.”

The tool scans entire IT environments to capture device and network information, identify potential risks or security threats, and generate a series of reports that can be custom-branded and shared with Sophicity’s clients.


We couldn’t be happier that Sophicity values our partnership and found success in our services. “Working with Continuum is truly a partnership,” Eisner says. “Our account management and technical teams are fantastic in their communication and responsiveness. I can’t say enough about them. Continuum has a vested interest in our success, and it shows.” 

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