Continuum Makes Donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Cape Cod

Posted February 4, 2016by Ben Barker


Last week, Continuum's leadership team was in Cape Cod for a Leadership Team Summit. As part of the summit, the 43 attendees were broken up into teams and asked to construct 12 children's bicycles. The goal of the activity was to build an environment where different parts had to work cohesively together to achieve a common goal. The experience was a rewarding one, but it didn't end once the bicycles were built. 

What the group didn't know was that once the bicycles were constructed (and tested for safety), they would be donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Cape Cod. Ruth Provost, Executive Director & CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of Cape Cod, came to surprise the team and pick up the bicycles. Provost used the bicycles to reward the kids that use the Boys & Girls Club's homework program. She challenged the children to do well in school and rewarded those that showed initiative.

Provost, and the rest of the Boys & Girls Club of Cape Cod were thrilled with Continuum's generosity. In an email following the donation, Provost said,

"I want to say thank you so much for the bikes! They were delivered on Friday and you should have seen the kid’s faces when they saw them lined up on the front porch. They immediately wanted to know who was getting them, and it was great to be able to say that they were for kids who use the homework program the most. I used them as a challenge to all of them to take part in the program, and while we might not always have bikes to give away, there will always be something else as a reward for those kids."

Check out some pictures of the teams in action!




Continuum's Leadership Summit bicycle building challenge was coordinated by Team Bonding.


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