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Posted August 25, 2016by Alicia Lazzaro


Welcome to humid… I mean Houston. The heat nearly made me melt on the spot when I stepped outside. It was a relief to walk in the air-conditioned office of Continuum's Houston, Texas office location, home to R1Soft.

My name is Andréa Pasquale and I started working at Continuum a few months ago as the Employer Branding Associate at Continuum’s headquarters in Boston.

I was brought in to promote Continuum’s excellent culture. We want to put the right talent in place to grow the team, so we need to have the right environment in place to attract that talent. We believe our employees are our best brand ambassadors and to show people what it’s like to work here, we want to tell their stories. Through various social avenues, office visits, and employee spotlights, we want to get the word out about how great Continuum really is! 

First stop: Houston.

Lets get to know the team.

Randy Bowie, VP, Backup Products & Engineering, oversees our Houston operation that primarily consists of engineers, developers, and tech support specialists. He has created a culture around trying things, which explains the constant buzz in the office. You can sense the pride from the employees when they speak of creating the hybrid cloud for Continuity247™. Continuum’s brilliant minds that write the software get in the zone for a couple of hours at a time and then reconvene for lunch or break and discuss. The engineers are always talking, always collaborating, and always trying. Randy said to me: “Continuum is a place to come to stretch yourself… if you've ever wondered ‘can I do that?’ This is the place for you.”

Raymond Chow, Lead Tech Support, describes Continuum as a dynamic environment with lots of growth opportunity. Unlike other engineering environments, Continuum gives you the freedom to research outside software. The relaxed environment makes for plenty of joking, laughing and having fun, but don’t be fooled, this crew grinds.

Tyrone Simmons, Technical Support Engineer, constantly has his eye on IT trends as they are ever changing. Tyrone has been in tech support for more than 15 years and has witnessed the fast-paced growth of this industry first hand.

Working closely with our NOC in Mumbai, our Houston team has helped them become a fully functional, around-the-clock service. The relationship between these two offices is of high importance. Having the support team in Mumbai fully versed in the latest technology and development coming out of our Houston office is critical. They are in constant contact with one another and often times tackle tickets together.

Ping-Pong and foosball tables in the office provide great fun and spirited competition. With accomplishments like the creation of the hybrid cloud for Continuity 247, this teams productiveness reflects the ideal work-life balance we strive for in the office.

Check out the pictures below for an inside look at the Houston office!





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