Continuum Partner Craig Sharp Travels Length of Great Britain in One Day for Charity

Posted July 12, 2016by Ben Barker


In the UK, traveling from Land's End to John o' Groats is a well-known trek. Many will make the journey across the length of the island of Great Britain by foot or by cycling, but very few have made the entire journey in one day. Recently, Continuum partner, Craig Sharp of MSP Wingman and his brother, Andrew Sharp did just that.

Sharp used various modes of transportation to plan his voyage and despite some heart stopping moments along the way, including a delayed flight into Heathrow, the two were able to accomplish their goal.

To make the journey even sweeter, the Sharp brothers raised a total of $1,400 (£900) for charity. They decided to donate the money to Alzheimer's research. 

Craig had this to say about the inspiration for his journey.

"The inspiration was the rarity. Few people will have traveled to both [ends of the country] and almost nobody will have been to both ends on the same day! I also thought that it would be a worthy enough event to allow fundraising and with my mother having Alzheimer’s, I wanted to see if I could raise money for the charity at the same time as making this trip."

Despite the success of the trip, the Sharp brothers do not plan to make it an annual event. They will, however, seek out a new challenge in the future to raise more money for Alzheimer's research.

Check out some pictures from the journey below!







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