Continuum Reaches the Summit with Partners at CMIT Elevate

Posted April 17, 2015by Ben Barker


This past week, I was given the opportunity to fly to beautiful Park City, Utah to attend the CMIT Solutions Elevate conference. CMIT franchisees, along with partners gathered at the Canyons Resort to discuss business best practices, success stories, and much more. After having such an informative and rewarding experience, I felt it was only fair to share some highlights from the conference.

Being the Platinum Sponsor, Continuum’s booth was set up at the front of the room near the stage. Vendors were set up throughout the room, and a “theater in the rounds” stage was constructed in the center of the ballroom. 

Michael George Keynote – Lift Off!

On Tuesday afternoon, Continuum CEO, Michael George delivered his Platinum Sponsor Keynote address. Michael discussed everything from how to leverage the Continuum Help Desk and Network Operations Center (NOC), to Continuity247, Continuum’s new fully managed backup and disaster recovery (BDR) platform.

Along with providing key insights to how Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can scale their business, a focal point of the presentation was being able to “navigate off course.” Michael used the video below to illustrate how in Managed IT Services, it is sometimes necessary to stray from the course that you have set in order to succeed.


Finally, Michael took some time to recognize the winners of the Continuum Poker Challenge. Beginning in November, Continuum challenged its CMIT partners to a fun sales competition.




The winner of the Poker Challenge was Bob Riesenbach. Congratulations, Bob!


Awards Dinner Banquet

Tuesday night was a time for CMIT to recognize its franchisees that have gone above and beyond this past year. All attendees were invited to a catered dinner. Jeff Connolly, President and CEO of CMIT Solutions welcomed various members of the organization to the stage to help present awards. Along with the awards presented by CMIT, Continuum presented an award to the partner who has shown the most growth. This year, Bob Riesenbach took home the hardware after CMIT Solutions of Cherry Hill showed tremendous growth. In addition to Continuum’s award, Riesenbach was presented with CMIT’s “Franchise of the Year” award.


"This is an unbelievable honor for me," said Riesenbach. "Especially in light of the others who were nominated. It's amazing to me that I would not only be considered among that group, but win among those peers."


Continuum Breakout Sessions

On Wednesday, attendees were provided a time to visit various breakout sessions, two of which featured Continuum services.

Matt Waters and Zeshan Raja presented the first breakout session, which was focused around Continuity247. Matt and Zeshan provided an overview of Continuum’s new fully managed BDR platform and provided a time for attendees to ask whatever questions they might have.


The second session was run by Jacque Rowden and was all about Continuum’s Help Desk. Jacque not only highlighted the benefits of working with a smart-sourced Help Desk, but provided valuable insight on how identifying with a unique team can help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of technicians.


Overall, CMIT Elevate was a conference that provided two main takeaways. The first was knowledge. Between the breakout sessions and the keynotes, there was a plethora of information to be taken away from this conference. I immediately noticed that those in attendance were eager to ask questions and get involved in the discussions, an action that the speakers were more than happy to allow and entertain. 

The second takeaway from CMIT Elevate was recognition. The fact that CMIT Solutions and its partners took the time to recognize those who had put in the most work and made the best efforts to improve their businesses goes a long way. It was evident in the response from the crowd during the awards ceremony that the franchisees were truly happy for each other and had each other’s best interests at heart.

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Ben is a Boston-based tech marketing expert, and an avid Boston sports fan.

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