Continuum University Issues 1,000 Specialty Certifications

Posted April 20, 2016by Alicia Lazzaro


Continuum University
, the self-paced online learning center at Continuum, has issued 1,000 specialty certifications in various disciplines including Administration, Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), Help Desk and Backup Solutions.

The program began in November 2012 as a way to educate our partners at no cost to them and has come leaps and bounds since its inception. The original certification program started in June 2013 and the speciality certifications were added in November 2015.

Continuum U courses are kept up-to-date to reflect the latest Continuum product updates and the short, simple videos can easily fit into your busy schedule. Users can either complete certifications or take courses as needed depending on what they want to learn. It is also a mobile-friendly program, making it easy to learn on the go!

There are 9 courses and a total of 128 individual topics available for our partners. In order to become certified in a specific area, technicians are required to watch video modules, complete guided reviews and pass the Continuum specialist exam.  All four specialty areas listed above are required to become a Continuum Certified IT Expert.

In May of last year, Continuum U announced 1,000 Continuum Certified IT Experts in the legacy program, all having completed the required courses and passing the certification exam. 

Jen Roadman, Partner Education Manager at Continuum, is excited about the trajectory of the program and how many partners take advantage of Continuum U.


“Providing our partners with the option to focus on the training that has the most impact on their day-to-day interactions was an important step in making them successful. We recognize their accomplishments in mastering different areas of Continuum’s IT platform by providing the opportunity to earn the specialist certifications, and clearly we are getting partners to take advantage of the opportunity to gain in depth knowledge of Continuum’s products.” 


Continuum partners can log into Continuum U to start or to continue training at: 


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