Continuum Webinar: Why Your BDR Solution is Costing More Than You Think

Posted April 28, 2016by Ben Barker


On May 17 at 2:00pm ET, Continuum will host a webinar titled, "Why Your BDR Solution is Costing More Than You Think." The webinar will be hosted by Continuum Director of NA Sales, Matt Waters and Continuum Regional Sales Manager, Matt Hubbell. The session will also feature Paul Rouse, President and Owner of Rouse Consulting Group.

The topic of discussion will be the high prices that come with the self-managed backup solutions that many MSPs are using today. Waters, Hubbell and Rouse will discuss the hours and energy that business owners and technicians alike need to put behind the daily management of self-managed products. The trio will also discuss the opportunities and benefits that come with using fully-managed solutions.

Additionally, Paul Rouse will venture into the specific benefits of using Continuum's fully-managed backup product, Continuity247®

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