Continuum's Jacque Rowden Talks Teamwork at HDI 2015

Posted April 3, 2015by Ben Barker


Think about your favorite team. It could be a sports team (Go Red Sox!) or a team that you are a part of at work. Now, think about what makes that team successful. Most likely, the team has high morale, solid connectivity and a strong and unique identity. When the Boston Red Sox won the World Series in 2013, they rallied around the city of Boston after the tragedies of the Boston Marathon and grew out their facial hair to show that they were connected and focused on a common goal. They had an identity.


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Continuum Help Desk Director, Jacque Rowden knows a thing or two about what makes a good team. Jacque oversees multiple teams of technicians at Continuum's Help Desk, and has watched them succeed by creating their own unique identities and using them to drive each other.

Recently, Jacque traveled to Las Vegas for the HDI 2015 Conference and Expo. Jacque's session was titled, "Who is Your Team?" and focused on sharing strategies for building an identity, improving morale, recognizing winners and transforming your help desk department into a help desk team.

Jacque has encouraged Continuum's Help Desk technicians to build their own teams. These teams, like the The Fighting Mongooses, Team Thunderstruck and The Night Owls, among many more, motivate each other by holding friendly competitions and cross-team challenges that liven up the workplace, foster collaboration and increase employee retention. To take a deeper look at the Continuum Help Desk team, check out the video below!


Jacque's session filled right up and had good energy and participation from those in attendance. Below are a few questions that came from the attendees along with Jacque's responses!


Q: Can you have a team of just 2 people?

A: Absolutely!  Two people function as a team instead of one individual and another individual. It works for our midnight shift – the Ninjas (because you never see them)!


Q: Can I divide my team – the Tigers – into two teams, Tiger One and Tiger Two?

A: Better to go with Tiger Blue and Tiger Green or something like that, as “Tiger One” just sounds better than “Tiger Two!”


Q: My team doesn’t like our logo – what can I do?

A: Who designed the logo?

Q: Our manager!

A: Well there’s your problem – ask the team to come up with their own logo!


Q: We can’t rename our team – the company wouldn’t put up with that!

A: You don’t have to rename your team on a company org chart – just have your own, internal name for the team!


If you feel as though you are part of a team, your commitment to the task will improve. As Jacque noted in the question and answer portion of her session, it's important that each member of the team feels as though he/she is invested and involved. Creating your own logos, names and cheers are a good way to develop that investment.

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Ben is a Boston-based tech marketing expert, and an avid Boston sports fan.

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