Continuum's MSP Radio Airs 100th Episode

Posted August 2, 2016by Ben Barker


MSP Radio, a Continuum podcast and part of the Continuum Podcast Network, delivered its 100th episode with special guest, Michael George, the company’s CEO. By listening to MSP Radio, MSPs gain helpful information on Continuum products, events and successful business strategies, spotlighting Continuum’s MSP and technology partners, employees and others to provide a voice of expertise on various topics.

In the 100th episode, Michael George, along with hosts Nathan Teplow and Joseph Tavano delivered insight into where the IT channel will be in five years, Continuum’s strategic vision, where the new revenue and growth opportunities for MSPs are today and in the immediate future as well as why the Continuum partner wins in the channel. Featured was audio from the programs first episode in 2014 with discussion on how the channel has changed.

Nathan Teplow, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Continuum had this to say about the milestone for MSP Radio.

“It’s so exciting to celebrate the 100th episode of MSP Radio. Listening to these two conversations back to back – from the first episode and the 100th, it’s amazing to see how the IT channel has evolved over the past couple of years and how it will continue to evolve. It’s important for MSPs to think about this in order to set their businesses up for success in the future. Reaching 100 episodes wouldn’t have been possible without our listeners, so we thank them for subscribing, and we can’t wait to bring them the next 100 episodes.”

Check out a quote from Michael George's guest appearance on the 100th episode of MSP Radio below.

“The term ‘trusted advisor’ has long been used in this industry, and it’s transforming to a more specific role inside of [clients’] organizations—which is that they are the virtual CIO to the organization. I think that’s an important distinction to make. Because to be a trusted advisor is to be something on the outside of the organization, but to be a virtual CIO is to have a role inside of an organization. And I think that’s a really important distinction to make and a transition for the channel to make – to become that virtual CIO, to become that partner to the line of business.”

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