Continuum's Mumbai Team Celebrates Gudi Padwa

Posted May 4, 2016by Ben Barker


Gudi Padwa is a festival that augments the New Year and is usually celebrated on the first day of the Indian month of Chaitra, according to the lunar calendar. Most of the Indian festivals have a very special and intriguing history, and it is interesting to see the manner in which they are celebrated.

Recently, Continuum's Product Support Team organized a celebration of Gudi Padwa, which included lunch and dinner. Shrikhand and Puri were on the menu for the celebration. Shrikhand is a sweet Indian dish made of strained yogurt, and Puri is an unleavened, deep-fried Indian bread, commonly eaten for breakfast or as a snack or light meal. Puri is usually served with a curry or bhaji.

Below are some quotes from the team members about their experience, as well as some pictures from the celebration. Enjoy!

"Since Gudipadwa fell on a working day, which happens to be a Hindu new year for most of the team members, we decided to bring the celebrations to work! In fact, my wife drew a celebrations poster to carry at work. We brought in the occasion with a yummy traditional dinner of Shrikand and Puri"

- Aniket Tawde, L2 Technician - Product Support Team


"It is always fun to celebrate a festival and even more fun to organize a celebration. Making time from our busy schedules, we arranged the entire celebration in just a day. We appreciate the efforts put in by the entire team. THE PRODUCT SUPPORT TEAM ROCKS!!!"

- Ganesh Jain, Technical Lead- Product Support Team





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