Continuum's Mumbai Team Continues "Back to School" Themed Games with Marble and Spoon Race

Posted July 6, 2016by Ben Barker



The Mumbai Continuum Connect Team held yet another interesting event as a part of its "back to school" theme during the month of June. This time, employees took part in a marble and spoon race. The event was held on June 20 and was the third event in the "back to school" series of games and competitions.

Participants had to race from one end of the floor to the other without dropping the marble that was placed in the spoon. The spoon was not to be touched by participants, instead, they had to hold it in their mouths. The event saw great participation and was held on both floors of the Continuum office at Times Square.

Satyasairam Chitrada, Continuum Engineering QA enjoyed being able to take some time from the busy day to bond with co-workers and relax.

"It’s a nice idea to conduct these kinds of games. The activity energizes the floor and creates a friendlier environment at work. Thanks to the Continuum Connect Team for organizing these kids of events for us!" 

Check out the photos below and the video above for more on the marble and spoon race!






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