Continuum's Mumbai Team Holds Rocket Balloon Race

Posted June 28, 2016by Ben Barker



The Mumbai Continuum Connect Team planned yet another fun event as a part of June's "back to school" themed employee engagement initiative. The theme was designed to bring back the fun memories of being in school and encourage team bonding within the office. The latest activity was a rocket balloon race.

All employees were invited to participate in the race. The rules were quite simple; blow up a balloon and launch it toward the finish line. The first person to get their balloon across the finish line is the winner.

From the engineering team, Joicy Noby and Brandon Barretto were victorious. From the NOC Team, Aldo Raphael and Rohit Das came out on top. Finally, the winners of the Night Shift Team were Sachin Sable and Vinod Vishwambharan.

Check out the quotes and pictures below, and the video above for more from the rocket balloon race!

"It was the first time that I participated, and I won all of the rounds to be the winner. It was a thrilling, well-planned game and more than that, it made Monday wacky! It was well-planned by HR."

- Brendon Barretto, Principal Engineer User Experience, Engineering

"I had an awesome experience playing this game! It deported me to childhood."

- Kavita More, Senior Module Lead, Engineer






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