Continuum's Mumbai Team Holds Three-Legged Race

Posted June 23, 2016by Ben Barker



Continuum's Mumbai Continuum Connect Team is at it again. After putting on a series of events for the "May Month of Madness," the team has scheduled some fun, "back-to-school" inspired activities for June. All of the events in June will be inspired by games that are played by school kids. In Mumbai, June is when schools and colleges begin back after their annual vacations.

The first of these events was a three-legged race. Employees volunteered and teamed up in pairs to compete right in the office premises. Contestants had to tie one of their legs to one of their teammate's legs and race across the floor.

As you can see in the video above, and in the quotes and pictures below, the event was enjoyed by all.

"It was a totally different experience. This game reminded me of my school days. Good old memories were cherished. Please keep doing such sporting activities at frequent intervals or once a month. It also boosts energy levels, and people feel stress free at work. 
Thanks to all the volunteers who made the event happen."

- Santosh Agre, Quality Lead – Global Quality


"It was a great experience. I have not played this game for 10-12 years. This event refreshed the entire floor, especially on Monday. It reminds me of my childhood memories. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. I would thank the Continuum Connect Team for such events."

– Vedika Dhumal, Senior Software Engineer – Engineering


"Thank you for surprising us with such moments! It is delightful to see everyone's eyes light up. Through the three-legged race we experience the power of teamwork. It was very interesting and motivating. Having such unique, creative and employee-engaged activities during business work hours, without affecting the business in itself, is a task. Superb effort by Continuum Connect."

- Dipen Modi, Sr. Software Engineer - Engineering




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