Continuum's PA Office Celebrates Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Championship

Posted June 16, 2016by Ben Barker


Despite Continuum operating as one team to help its MSP partners grow, the employees at the different Continuum office locations often find themselves rooting for different professional sports teams. Most recently, the Pittsburgh Penguins sent the Cranberry Township, PA office into a frenzy when they captured the Stanley Cup Championship.

To celebrate, the Activities Committee put on a Happy Hour in the Cloud Cafe. The Cafe was decorated with banners, signs and balloons, and Penguins t-shirts and caps were raffled off. Soft pretzels, meats and cheeses, candy, beer and hard cider were all served as a part of the championship celebration.

The event took place on Monday, June 13, which just happened to be the first day for the new class of Help Desk technicians.

Employees very much appreciated the Happy Hour celebration, as is evidenced by the photos and quotes below!

Continuum's PA office celebrates Stanley Cup championship


“This celebration promoted employee interaction and was a great way to celebrate the win. Events like this make Continuum a great place to work.”

- Steve Grance

“What an inspiration – We won the cup! If you have pride in your city and our sports team, it should be celebrated."

- Frank Bauer

“Penguins won the cup! I felt the event was great even though I had to leave earlier than I wanted. It seemed like it was a success, people were happy and having a good time.”

- Dustin Weber


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