Continuum's Pennsylvania Office Holds Foosball Tournament

Posted June 8, 2016by Ben Barker

Continuum's Pennsylvania Office Holds Foosball Tournament

Recently, Continuum's Pennsylvania office got a new Foosball table. To celebrate the new table, Zeshan Raja, along with Maria Wroblewski and Josh Denton took it upon themselves to organize a tournament. In all, eight teams of two signed up to find out who were the ultimate Foosball champions. The tournament was double elimination and in the end, "Help Desk Hurt" took home the trophy.

The winning team was made up of Josh Denton and Ray Cappola, who went undefeated in the tournament. 

This is the second year in a row that the PA office has held a Foosball tournament, however according to Zeshan, this year's competition was much more competitive and involved more employees.

"We had a mini tournament last year, but not everyone had a chance to participate. This year, we sent out an email to the entire office and got 16 people to sign up!"

Check out the full tournament bracket below!



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