Continuum's Pennsylvania Office Holds Summer Cookout

Posted June 29, 2016by Ben Barker


With summer officially upon us, Continuum's Pennsylvania office decided to get in the spirit and host a company cookout. The event took place on June 16, and despite sporadic downpours, proved to be a fun, team-bonding activity for the entire office. With two grills running, there was plenty of delicious food for everyone in attendance.

Jacque Rowden, Ray Cappolla, Josh Denton, Brian Smith, Cynthia Nees, Mike Danylo, Maura Terzolino and Chris Maguire all pitched in to make sure the event went off without a hitch.

This wasn't the first time that Continuum's Pennsylvania office has pulled off this event. Last year, Jacque Rowden thought it would be a good way to bring the team together. The event was such a success that she had no choice but to do it again this summer. However, this year there was an added twist. Employees were encouraged to wear crazy hats to the event.

Check out some pictures of the event, and quotes from those who were there below.

"I had a great time and ate too much food. There were smiles all around the office."

- Brian Prah

"I thought it was great! I liked that there were so many options. I went back several times and still didn't get to try everything. I really appreciate this being put together for us. It was a nice change from the norm."

- Alisha Means Glenn

"I loved it. It makes me proud to be a part of this team and makes me want to bring everyone I can here to work with me."

- Phil Holbrook

"The camaraderie among the Continuum teams is amazing. I haven't worked for an organization in a very long time that has such a great team dynamic. It's refreshing to get together with co-workers who are so happy and the cookies at the cookout were AMAZING!"

- Jen Ewing







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