Continuum's Technical Roadshow Hits the Halfway Point

Posted April 5, 2016by Courtney Margossian

Continuity247_BDR_Platform_Technical_Roadshow_Going_Strong_Check_Out_VideoContinuum's Technical Roadshow has hit the "half-way" point! Since kicking off in early March, Continuum has traveled across California, Denver, Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, teaching its MSP partners how to get the most out of the Continuum Platform.  

Training days are broken down into two sessions. The morning session is designed to explore Continuum’s RMM solution and the afternoon session investigates Continuity247. There are still plenty of stops left on the Roadshow, so be sure to see if Continuum will be in your neck of the woods!

RMM Essentials: Dive into Remote Monitoring and Management 

The RMM session, titled, "RMM Essentials," focuses on monitoring and alerting, patching and scripting. Attendees investigate advanced monitoring features such as Mail Monitoring and walk away with a handful of personally customized scripts that they start running on client sites, including the installation of Microsoft Office.

Topics to be covered:

  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • The Patching Process
  • Scripting: How it Works
  • What's New and Product Roadmap

Continuity247™ Tips and Tricks:

The Continuity247 session looks at the technical features and benefits of Continuum's backup solution. Attendees learn the terminology used in Continuity247 and investigate best practices for protecting servers.  In the demo portion of the training, attendees learn how to manage cloud storage, set bandwidth throttling, and perform different disaster recovery tasks. All attendees also get a "sneak peek" at Continuity247 2.0 User Interface.

Topics to be covered:

  • Technical Features and Benefits of Continuity247
  • Continuity247 Terminology Explained
  • Best Practices for Protecting a Server
  • What is Disk Safe Verification and How does it work?
  • Disaster Recovery Scenarios with Continuity247 2.0

This week, Continuum will be in Waltham, Massachusetts at the Hilton Garden Inn. Check out our remaining roadshow schedule, and be sure not to miss out on these FREE technical trainings coming to a city near you! 

Remaining Roadshow Schedule 
4/7/16 – Waltham, MA
4/14/16 – Columbia, MD
4/21/16 – San Francisco, CA and Dallas, TX
4/28/16 – Concord, NC

Stops Made Along the Way!

Take a look at some of the pictures that were captured during the first leg of Continuum's Technical Roadshow!


Los Angeles, CA

Tonya Barnett, Continuum Technical Success Manager, had a great time presenting to Californian MSPs.



Denver, CO

The trip continued eastward to meet up with partners in the Rockies!


Hollywood, FL

Just look at how many partners attended the Hollywood, FL Technical Training session!

Parsippany, NJ

Parsippany was the last stop for the March portion of the roadshow, and Continuum was thrilled with the turnout!





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Courtney Margossian is a Senior Marketing Event Manager at Continuum. Currently, she is the event manager of our annual User Conference, Navigate 2017. She also helps organize and execute the marketing and promotions for all of Continuum's national and international events. Courtney loves to travel and meet new people. Courtney enjoys collaborating with team members on different projects, and she is always open to learning something new.

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