Creative Computer Solutions Moves Clients to Continuum's Continuity247® BDR Platform

Posted October 13, 2016by Ben Barker


Vancouver, Washington-based Creative Computer Solutions Inc. (CCSI), has successfully transition its clients to Continuity247®, Continuum’s fully-managed backup and disaster recovery (BDR) platform. By leveraging Continuum’s industry-leading Network Operations Center (NOC), CCSI is able to fully leverage the data protection and backup capabilities that the platform offers.

CCSI used Vault, the predecessor to Continuity247 and platform that marked Continuum’s entry into the disaster recovery market, for several years. Gary Dunsworth, Engineering Services Manager at CCSI, has this to say about Continuity247.

“We installed Continuity247 on an in-house server and ran it for a few months to see how everything worked. We spun up virtual machines (VMs), captured snapshots, tested restores and more, and everything worked great. Continuity247 is more responsive than Vault, and the ease of installation and documentation behind Continuity247 are fantastic—the best I’ve seen in a BDR platform.”

Continuity247 enables MSPs to deliver robust and scalable business continuity services to their customers by combining a powerful feature set with hands-on support from more than 700 NOC technicians. Those technicians provide complete disaster recovery support, testing and other services to increase operational efficiency and free Continuum’s MSP partners to focus on business development and customer relationships.

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For the success story, “Where Other BDR Solutions Fall Short, Continuum’s Continuity247 Platform Delivers,” visit:


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