Employee Spotlight: Amol Gaikwad

Posted December 16, 2016by Alicia Lazzaro

Employee Spotlight Amol Gaikwad
Each week, Continuum spotlights an employee who has gone above and beyond. The spotlight is more than just recognition of the hard work being done at Continuum, but a look into the person behind that work. We find out what our employees do for fun, what their favorite movies are, what their passions are and much more. We also ask them about their experiences working at Continuum and what they like most about their job. Check back each week to find out who made the Employee Spotlight.

This week Amol Gaikwad is being featured!

Sarang is a Jr Team Leader and works out of Continuum's Mumbai office. 

Let's get to know Amol a little better...

Amol at Continuum

What is your favorite thing about working for Continuum? "Continuum is a great place to work because of its friendly environment and the managers are very supportive. They encourage me in whatever I do. I enjoy different kinds of events that we have."

What is your best memory as a Continuum employee? "I was already awarded with Quarterly award twice but I cherish the CEO Excellence that I was recently awarded by the CEO of the company."

What is one skill that you have acquired since starting at Continuum? "I knew few things in Excel but after joining Continuum, I learned VBA scripting, SQL scripting and how to make Excel-based CRM software. Now after 7 years, I can say I am a master in Excel."

What do you look for in a good company? "What I look for in a good company is that I can learn new things so that I can use them in my daily work, also different kinds of trainings to upgrade myself and a stable growth financially and professionally."


More about Amol

What is an interesting fact about yourself "I always do R&D on anything new that I come across."

What is your favorite movie? "I watch all kinds of movies but I don’t have any favorite movie."

What is your favorite TV show? "I like watching live news on TV."

What do you like to do for fun? "I just enjoy spending time with my lovely daughters."

What is your hidden talent? "I like observing people, like what's going their minds by the way they speak or by their behavior."

Do you have any pets? What are their names? "I like dogs but I don't have one."

What is your favorite animal? "I like the elephant because of its calm nature."

What kind of music do you like to listen to? "I like to listen to Bollywood song of 70's and 80's."

Do you play any instruments? "Yes, I enjoy playing the mouth organ. However, I’m self-learned."

Do you follow/play any sports? If so, which teams/sports? "I do follow pro kabaddi and my favorite team is U Mumba."

If you could travel anywhere on earth for vacation, where would you go? "Switzerland."


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