Employee Spotlight: Rich Tourville

Posted July 8, 2016by Alicia Lazzaro

Each week, Continuum spotlights an employee who has gone above and beyond. The spotlight is more than just recognition of the hard work being done at Continuum, but a look into the person behind that work. We find out what our employees do for fun, what their favorite movies are, what their passions are and much more. We also ask them about their experiences working at Continuum and what they like most about their job. Check back each week to find out who made the Employee Spotlight.

This week, Rich Tourville is being featured!

Rich is a Technical Success Manager working in our Pennslyvania office and has been with the company for about six years!

Let's get to know Rich a little better...


Rich at Continuum

How did you hear about Continuum in the first place? "Well considering I’ve been here since the beginning, I first heard about Continuum when Michael George announced the name at our first Holiday party in Dec 2011 at the Fox and Hound in Pittsburgh."

What is your favorite thing about working for Continuum? "I can’t really say that I have 'one favorite' thing. The co-workers, the team spirit, the atmosphere, the direction, the drive and even the partners all add to my one favorite thing."

What is your best memory as a Continuum employee? "I have many. If I had to choose one, I would have to say the transition we made from 2011 to 2013. During that time period, we had a very unhappy partner base, then turned that around to begin our climb to where we are now. Knowing that I was a part of that is one of the highlights of my professional life."

What is one skill you have acquired since starting at Continuum? "Flexibility. As a TSM you have to be able to switch gears quickly. You work on one issue to a resolution or escalation then move to the next which will very often be on a brand new topic. It’s challenging, every day is different and that’s a reward in itself."

What do you look for in a good company? "Drive in the management team, flexibility and rewarding work are all important features."

Would you recommend applying at Continuum to a friend? "Yes and I have!"


More about Rich

What is an interesting fact about yourself? "I consider myself a naturalist. The more time that I spend outdoors, the happier I am. There is always something new to see in the woods and on the water. Get out and experience it. Nature is an open book waiting to be explored."

What is your favorite movie? "Hatari, The Lord of the Rings, It’s a Wonderful Life and several others."

What is your favorite TV show? "Just about anything on World Fishing Network. Yes, that’s a real network."

What do you like to do for fun? "Go fishing, think about fishing, plan my next fishing trip."

What is your hidden talent? "I’m a dog whisperer. I’ve had dogs all of my life. I used to raise and train beagles for hunting and field trials so I’ve had a lot of experience and dogs over the years. I seem to be able to understand any dog."

Do you have any pets? What are their names? "Yes, two beagles, Annie and Dannie, they’re the Beagle Destruction Team."

What is your favorite animal? "My dogs, of course, but you can add in Elk, Moose and Bears due to experiences I’ve had with them as well as the African Big Five (Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Cape Buffalo and Rhino) which I will one day see in their native habitat."

What kind of music do you like to listen to? "Country, Jimmy Buffett, Southern Rock and some Blues."

Do you follow/play any sports? If so, which teams/sports? "Nothing considered normal or mainstream by the average person but since you asked, I do watch rodeo and follow professional fishing tournaments. I fish and I used to shoot competitive archery."

If you could travel anywhere on earth to vacation, where would you go? "Africa for a 14-day minimum photo safari or a float trip down the Amazon to fish of course."

What is your go-to karaoke song? "I really don’t have one but I could pull from an arsenal of favorites if I had a great need."

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why? "Time travel. I would love to be able to go back in time and meet some great people from the past such as Jesus Christ, Shakespeare, Sophocles, Galileo, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Robert E. Lee and George S. Patton to name a few."

If you have anything else to add, please feel free. "I like to collect quotes that I consider inspirational, in fact I have hundreds saved in a MS Word file that has stretched to over 67 pages and more than 30,000 words. A few samples are:

'Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never wish to do less.' -- Robert E. Lee

'If everything seems under control you're just not going fast enough.' - Mario Andretti

'Everybody thinks of changing humanity and nobody thinks of changing himself.' -- Leo Tolstoy

'Would the boy you were be proud of the man you are?'  -- Unknown

'It ain’t gonna do itself so get it done.'– Rich Tourville"


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