Employee Spotlight: Shahbaz Ansari

Posted September 16, 2016by Alicia Lazzaro

Employee Spotlight Shahbaz Ansari

Each week, Continuum spotlights an employee who has gone above and beyond. The spotlight is more than just recognition of the hard work being done at Continuum, but a look into the person behind that work. We find out what our employees do for fun, what their favorite movies are, what their passions are and much more. We also ask them about their experiences working at Continuum and what they like most about their job. Check back each week to find out who made the Employee Spotlight.

This week, Shahbaz Ansari is being featured!

Shahbaz started working with Continuum as Customer Service Representative in January 2013 got promoted to Quality Analyst in November 2013.

Let's get to know Shahbaz a little better...

Shahbaz at Continuum

How did you hear about Continuum in the first place? "Through a friend’s relative when Continuum migrated from Zenith."

What is your favorite thing about working for Continuum? "My Global Quality team make it a great place to work."

What is your favorite memory as a Continuum employee? "Rewards and Recognition. I have been an Employee of the Quarter twice so far. Also, when I was a part of Calling Queue – I received our first appreciation from client and first for the team! It feels great!"

What is one skill that you have acquired since starting at Continuum? "Ability to interact with larger audience. Well, I have a learned a lot while at Continuum and have been able to explore my skills. I am learning every day. I have acquired multiple skills."

Do you have any fun/funny stories that involve any of your co-workers? "Too many to mention here. We’re a really funny bunch of people!"

What do you look for in a good company? "Salary structure, growth and development, valuing employee opinions, and lots of opportunities to explore talent/skills."


More about Shahbaz

What is an interesting fact about yourself? I'm very approachable."

What is your favorite movie? "It’s a mix list of Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Wolf of the Wall Street is a current favorite!"

What is your favorite TV show? "Man vs Wild."

What do you like to do for fun? "I enjoy entertaining people by cracking jokes (not at the cost of others)!"

What is your hidden talent? "I am a quick learner."

What is your favorite animal? "Falcon, lion, horse and dolphin."

What kind of music do you like to listen to? "Albums and Indian Pop songs. And 'One in a Million' by Hannah Montana."

Do you play any instruments? "Not at the moment. But, someday I would love to play guitar and piano."

Do you follow/play any sports? If so, which teams/sports? "Cricket! The Australian team is my favorite!"

If you could travel anywhere on earth for vacation, where would you go? "There are many places where I would like to go which are USA, Dubai, UK, Cape Town, Scotland, Sydney, Australia and many more."

What is your favorite song to sing at karaoke? "'Likhe jo khat tujhe' by Mohammad Rafi."


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