Eric Gray Takes Top Prize in Continuum's Chili Cook Off

Posted March 8, 2016by Ben Barker

Eric Gray takes top prize in chili cook off

Recently, Continuum's Cranberry, Pennsylvania office put their chef hats on for a good old fashioned chili cook off. The event was organized by CJ Manning, Continuum Help Desk Technician. All in all, five Continuum employees decided to hit the kitchen and present their prized chili recipes. While each of the concoctions were delicious in their own right, one chili stood above the rest.

Eric Gray took first prize for his chili, which used a unique pork and turkey blend to win the hearts of the voters. The chili went fast, so the winner was decided by popular vote rather than having everyone cast a physical vote. Along with the champion, Eric Gray, this year's participants were Kelly Muthler, Jesse Mottern, Derek Ekrenberger, and the chili competition organizer himself, CJ Manning.

The pots of chili await the hungry mouths of the judges

CJ had been wanting to compete in a chili cook off for a while and thinks there could be repeat competitions in the future.

"I had been wanting to compete back home and master my interest. I felt it was the perfect inspiration to start an event that can be an annual competition so that my coworkers, and perhaps future charities, could also benefit. It is my opinion that stuff like this keeps the office morale up because it lets us do something different, something that will be celebrated with our efforts in mind. It takes the grind out of the daily workload and it shows that the company truly wants us to be active within it and actively happy. I know that the office appreciated the effort."

According to CJ, the chili champion, Eric Gray isn't settling for just one trophy. Eric has already started talking about getting a rib cooking competition organized for the summer time. 


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