Get to Know the NOC: Spotlighting Karan Guleria

Posted October 8, 2015by Lily Teplow

Get to Know the NOC: Spotlighting Karan Guleria 

NOCtober is back! All month long we’re celebrating our Network Operations Center and the 600+ technicians who work tirelessly to deliver expert 24x7x365 service. The NOC is known to provide the essential technical “heavy-lifting,” but who exactly are these unsung heroes maintaining uptime across our partners’ networks? To take a closer look into the power behind the NOC, we sat down with some of our NOC technicians. Enjoy getting to know the NOC with our first employee spotlight, Karan Guleria!


Meet Karan Guleria

Karan Guleria is a talented 30-year-old NOC technician working in the ATS department. 
Karan mentions that he likes to live by the code, “be humble and forgiving,” and his mantra is, “be positive, don’t waste your time on things you can’t control. Be happy, it changes how people look at you and how you look at them.” I think I might just have to quote him on a motivational poster, anyone want a copy?

His Professional Pursuits

What makes Karan even more impressive than his amazing outlook on life is his intelligent mind. He studied computer science throughout his academic career, and now has a broad spectrum of experience in his professional career. When asked further about his professional interests, he humbly replied, “I’m a geek, and my passion for technology is overwhelming.” If not working as a proud NOC technician, Karan says he would most likely be “either an astrophysicist (by hobby) or a Disc Jockey.” He also enjoys team bonding, outings, and discussion with his NOC team.

His Personal Passions

Beyond his professional career, Karan is also a part of UNICEF, which he believes is “humanitarian if nothing more. Being a human, that’s the least I can do!” Along with his support for social causes, Karan is also quite the movie junkie. He describes his favorites as “basically every action and comedy movie you could think of,” including The Matrix, Spider Man, the Sherlock Holmes series, and The Love Guru.

We’re very thankful to have Karan as an essential member of our 600+ NOC team. Stay tuned for more employee spotlights as we celebrate the month of NOCtober!





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