Get to Know the NOC: Spotlighting Kartik Kotadia

Posted October 22, 2015by Lily Teplow

Get to Know the NOC: Spotlighting Kartik Kotadia 

Although there is a limited amount of days left in NOCtober, our appreciation for our Network Operations Center and our 600+ technician team never ends. This team is worth celebrating, because they provide our partners with 24x7x365 service and the technical “heavy-lifting” that keeps their networks running. To help you get to know them on a deeper level, our NOC team is taking off their headsets. Enjoy another employee spotlight, and get to know the people power behind our NOC, like Kartik Kotadia!


Meet Kartik Kotadia

Kartik Kotadia, or “KK” as his best friends call him, is a 33-year-old technician working on backup products such as Continuity247™, R1Soft and Vault. He is a Sagittarius with a positive attitude, and also values his family and loved ones. Kartik describes his spirit animal as a dragon, and his soul food is not just any pizza, but “authentic Italian pizza.”

His Professional Pursuits

Kartik is an engineering graduate who has enjoyed his professional career as a technology enthusiast. Kartik is also certified in following: Red Hat Certified System Administrator [RHCSA] (v6), Red Hat Certified Engineer [RHCE] (v6), VMware Certified Associate - Data Centre Virtualization (VCAD510), VMware Certified Associate - Cloud (VCAC510), and VMware Certified Associate - Workforce Mobility (VCAW510). He not only loves technology, but is also interested in photography. If Kartik weren’t part of our NOC team, he says he would most likely take up a career in his entrepreneurial family business.

His Personal Passions

Kartik is a big fan of movie stars such as Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Tom Cruise, and Will Smith. Some of his favorite movies include The Pursuit of Happyness, Wall Street and 21. He also enjoys cartoons with his favorite dynamic duo, Tom and Jerry. In his spare time, Kartik supports charity that helps raise money for child education and feeding the poor. He is an all-around great employee, and his favorite quote is “live and let live!”

Kartik Kotadia adds immense value to our 600+ NOC team, and we’re happy to get to know him on a deeper level. As NOCtober continues, look our for more NOC employee spotlights!


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