Get to Know the NOC: Spotlighting Prathamesh Shigwan

Posted October 29, 2015by Lily Teplow

Get to Know the NOC: Spotlighting Karan Guleria 

All month long we’ve been celebrating NOCtober and our 600+ technician team working at our Network Operations Center. Our NOC helps our clients maintain uptime by performing essential technical functions and 24x7x365 service. To learn more about the people who put the power behind the NOC, we’re sitting down with some of our NOC technicians and asking them to tell us more about themselves. Enjoy getting to know Prathamesh Shigwan with today’s employee spotlight!


Meet Prathamesh Shigwan

Prathamesh Shigwan is a 28-year-old NOC technician working in the Vikings department. He says he is an open book, and is the type of person who is always ready to help whenever needed. Prathamesh describes his spirit animal as a panther, and his soul food is tandoori, homemade by his mother of course!

His Professional Pursuits

What makes Prathamesh an essential member of our NOC team is his passionate and active attitude! He very much enjoys his career as a technician, but he says that if he weren’t in this field, he would most likely be a cricket player. Prathamesh also enjoys playing sports with his NOC team!

His Personal Passions

Beyond his professional career, Prathamesh is passionate about his friends and family, and also playing cricket. His favorite movie is Transformers, and his favorite movie star is Johnny Depp. He also loves watching the dynamic cartoon duo Tom & Jerry. Prathamesh bring his positive and helpful nature to our NOC team, and he probably has one of my favorite quotes, which is “keep your circle small and your beer cold!”

Although NOCtober is quickly coming to a close, our appreciation for Prathamesh Shigwan and the many other valuable employees on our 600+ NOC team never dwindles. We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know these technicians on a deeper level!


Meet the rest of our spotlighted NOC team:




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