How G2 Technology Group Uses Our NOC & Help Desk to Expand Scope of IT Services

Posted June 16, 2015by Lily Teplow


At Continuum, we're committed to helping our MSP partners scale and grow their businesses without adding more headaches and more staff to support the growth. That's why we're excited to share this latest success story from G2 Technology Group, a premier technology consulting firm of Boston's Innovation District and proud partner of Continuum. Leveraging our Network Operations Center (NOC) and Help Desk services to perform daily IT functions, G2 has been able to focus on client relationships and enjoy greater revenue and profitability. Keep reading to hear their story!

G2 Technology Group empowers technicians & scales IT services with our Help Desk!

G2 Technology Group provides a variety of IT services and related support, including network management, virtualization, cloud computing, and more. They specialize in AWS cloud computing and hybrid IT engagements, bringing access to some of the brightest minds in technology to the SMB space far and wide. Founded in 2009, G2 has been striving to become the most referred and sought-after technology consulting firm in the Greater Boston Area.

At Continuum, we're not successful unless our partners are successful. That's our channel-exclusive promise to you! We're excited to share another strong partnership and celebrate G2's impressive growth and achievement in scaling their business to new heights.



“Using the Continuum Help Desk, we are able to stretch the knowledge of our own employees and personnel. We've found that we can use and offer additional services to our customers that we wouldn't have normally offered.” - Jason Gay, Director of Managed Services at G2 Technology Group



Working with us means direct support when you need it!

We recently sat down with Jason Gay as he discussed how his company uses our NOC and Help Desk as an extension of his own IT team, receiving the direct support and attention needed for extensive projects and troubleshooting. Have you ever had an issue with a client's Exchange server, for instance? Maybe you didn't have the resources for such an undertaking. Watch the video below to learn how Jason is able to address these kinds of problems without losing revenue and profitability.



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