Mumbai Office Donates to Local Farmers

Posted January 26, 2016by Lily Teplow


Recently, our office in Mumbai conducted a special donation drive to help support local farmers in Maharashtra. Due to the generosity and concern for society shown by our Continuum employees, the drive was a great success. We managed to collect enough money to provide 114 farmer families with boxes containing over 2 months of food supplies.

On Christmas day, our employees met with the farmers’ families to spend time with them, learn more about their work and their lives, and give them the boxes filled with clothes and various food items.



The drive was organized through Continuum’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) group in collaboration with Swargandhar, which helps raise money for girls so that they can pursue an education. The initiative is a quarterly activity that the Mumbai office takes part in, and thanks to our Continuum Connect Team, they are currently looking for more ways to provide support to local charities.

Below is a personal experience shared by Swami Nathan, our VP of Engineering in the Mumbai office, who attended the event along with some other Continuum employees.


“It was an eye opening experience spending a day with farmers,” said Nathan, who enjoyed learning more about their daily lives and the struggles they have faced due to a brutally dry season.

Nathan continued to mention how it was also “a very humbling experience for all of us when we understood that our collective contribution will help [around] 120 families with more than 2 months of supplies.”


Continuum’s CSR group has been warmly welcomed by the local community, as well as greeted with lots of enthusiasm thanks to all their generous and charitable work. As Swami Nathan notes — and I’m sure all his fellow Mumbai colleagues can attest to — “we look forward to helping many more with our CSR initiatives and leadership from Continuum Connect team.”


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