Mumbai's Continuum Connect Team Holds Book Balancing Race

Posted July 14, 2016by Ben Barker



Throughout the month of June, the Mumbai Continuum Connect Team organized a series of "back to school" games that were designed to inspire nostalgia and bring employees back to their youth. The fourth and final event, a book balancing race, was held on June 27th. 

Participants had to balance books on their heads and race from one end of the floor to the other without dropping the books. The first participant to cross the finish line was declared the winner. To make the game even more difficult, in the later stages, the finalists also had to balance books in their hands as well.

Sachin Kaku, Quality Analyst, Global Quality had this to say about the event.

"The book balancing race took me back to School! Thank you Continuum for bringing us back our Childhood memories!"

Check out the pictures below and the video above for more on the book balancing race!






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