MySherpa Uses Continuum's NOC and BDR Platform to Deliver Data Backup and Business Continuity Services

Posted November 22, 2016by Ben Barker

MySherpa Uses Continuum's NOC and BDR Platform to Deliver Data Backup and Business Continuity Services.jpg

Continuum has published a case study on Delaware-based MySherpa, provider of a complete suite of managed IT, cloud, data protection and other technology services. The case study focuses on MySherpa's reliance on Continuity247®, Continuum’s fully-managed backup and disaster recovery (BDR) platform, to provide true business continuity to its clients.

Continuity247 is supported by an industry-leading Network Operations Center (NOC) with more than 700 technicians resolving thousands of alerts, 24x7x365, to deliver business continuity and disaster recovery to clients. MySherpa supports a number of verticals including healthcare, legal and financial services.

Ethan Tancredi, President at MySherpa, had this to say about Continuum's BDR solution.

“Continuity247 is a robust platform that works exactly the way it’s supposed to, and I simply don’t have to worry about backups as much as I have with other solutions. Continuity247 has allowed us to reallocate internal resources that were previously spending time verifying backups, troubleshooting failures or responding to other issues. We can now rely on Continuum’s tools and personnel to complete these tasks, and our engineers are operating more efficiently—they’re able to focus on driving more value for our customers.”

The team at MySherpa has been deploying Continuity247 with each of its new customers and has begun upgrading existing clients who are undergoing system refreshes using Continuum’s Tech Advantage program.

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