On National Pet Day, Meet the Pets of Continuum!

Posted April 11, 2016by Ben Barker

National Pet Day

Today is National Pet Day. On April 11 each year, pet owners are encouraged to celebrate their furry, finned and feathers friends. This year, we reached out to all of our employees, asking them to share a photo and some information on their lovable little pets. Keep reading to find out who our employees are going home to at the end of each work day. Happy National Pet Day!

Meet Boo DiLoreto!

Boo DiLoretto

Owner: Sally DiLoreto

What specific kind of animal is Boo? Boo is a Poodle-Shih Tzu mix. Technically, they call this a Shih-poo, but the name seemed a little degratding, so we call him a Poo-Zoo or a Shi-Doodle!

How old is Boo? Boo will be three on May 27, 2016

Does Boo do any tricks? Yes! Boo can sit, lay down, roll over, shake a paw and jump through a hula hoop! He also loves to dress up for Halloween.

Does Boo have any nicknames? Boo has three human siblings who all call him various things, so he has a LOT of nicknames. Boo-ski, Boo-bear, fat face, chunker-munchkin and slash are just a few.


Meet Sydney and Hennessy!


Owner: Steve Desmarais

What specific kinds of animals are Sydney and Hennessy? Sydney is a Goldendoodle and Hennessy is a Golder Retreiver and Turkish Kangal mix.

How old are Sydney and Hennessy? Sydney is four years old and Hennessyis a three-year-old rescue dog.

Do Sydney and Hennessy do any tricks? Sydney kisses you when you ask her to.

Do Sydney or Hennessy have any nicknames? We call Sydney "Dennis the Menace."


Meet Frosty!


Owner: Jeanne Hopkins

What specific kind of animal is Frosty? Frosty is a Maltese.

How old is Frosty? Frosty is 12 years old.

Does Frosty do any tricks? Yes. Nothing amazing, though. Pretty commonplace stuff. However, Frosty does have an incredible slow-motion run!



Meet Koli and Kuiper!

Koli and Kuiper

Owner: Larry Monuteaux

What specific kinds of animals are Koli and Kuiper? Koli and Kuiper are both Sphynx Cats. Koli is the darker one and Kuiper is the lighter one.

How old are Koli and Kuiper? They are both six years old.

Do Koli and Kuiper do any tricks? No, they're not especially bright. Unless you count eating broccoli and throwing it back up as a trick!

Do Koli or Kuiper have any nicknames? We call Koli "Koli-Poli" and Kuiper "Kuipo-Pipe-O" or "Bubby."


Meet Princess Jasmine!

Princess Jasmine

Owner: Mary Crogan

What specific kind of animal is Princess Jasmine? She is an English Bulldog.

How old is Princess Jasmine? She is seven years old.

Does Princess Jasmine do any tricks? Not a single one!

Does Princess Jasmine have any nicknames? We call her "Jazzy."


Meet Otis and Virginia

Otis and virginia

Owner: Vince Silvia

What specific kinds of animals are Otis and Virginia? Otis is a Dachshund and Black Lab mix and Virginia is an Australian Cattle Dog mix.

How old are Otis and Virginia? Virginia is 13 and Otis is two.

Do Otis and Virginia do any tricks? Otis can open the back door and let himself in and out. Virginia loves to herd the kids int he back yard. 

Do Otis and Virginia have any nicknames? We call Virginia "Squeaker" because she squeaks like a toy. Otis is called "Oti."


Meet Murphy!


Owner: Mike Barnes

What specific kind of animal is Murphy? Murphy is a Shorkie, half Shih Tzu and half Yorkie.

How old is Murphy? Murphy is one and a half years old. 

Does Murphy do any tricks? Murphy can sit, shake and fetch. We're also working on algebra!

Does Murphy have any nicknames? We call him "Murph," "Murph da Smurf," "Chewbacca" and "Murph, Wind and Fire."


Meet Bruno!


Owner: Jennifer Garrepy

What specific kind of animal is Bruno? Bruno is a Chihuahua.

How old is Bruno? Bruno is three years old.

Does Bruno do any tricks? Bruno knows all of his tricks in Japanese! He can sit and shake hands. Bruno also knows that "Gohan" means "It's time to eat" in Japanese.


Meet Bellina!


Owner: Isa Onde

What specific kind of animal is Bellina? Bellina is a Siberian Forest Cat.

How old is Bellina? Bellina is three years old.

Does Bellina do any tricks? Bellina knows how to fetch hair elastics!

Does Bellina have any nicknames? I call Bellina "Belli," "Lina" and "Belline."


Meet Duke!


Owner: Tim Lewis

What specific kind of animal is Duke? Duke is a Catahoula Leopard Dog.

How old is Duke? Duke is five years old. 

Does Duke do any tricks? Duke does many tricks, his favorite is running away.

Does Duke have any nicknames? We call him "Duke of Earl." We got him during Hurricane Earl in 2010.


Meet Duchess!


Owner: Alicia Lazzaro

What specific kind of animal is Duchess? Duchess is a Tabby Cat.

How old is Duchess? Duchess is about one and a half years old.

Does Duchess do any tricks? Duchess will come when I call her, but I'm planning on teaching her how to high five.

Does Duchess have any nicknames? We call Duchess both "Dutch" and "Dutchie."


Meet Bella and Malcolm!

Bella and Malcolm

Owner: Kris Haight

What specific kind of animals are Bella and Malcolm? Bella is gray and is a Russian Blue Cat and Malcolm is black and is from Burmese descent.

How old are Bella and Malcolm? Bella is seven and Malcolm is 16.

Do Bella and Malcolm do any tricks? Bella just east as her trick... Malcolm will play fetch.

Do Bella and Malcolm have any nicknames? Bella is known as "Fat Girl" and Malcolm is known as "My Little Man" or "Old Man."


Meet Champ!


Owner: Ashley Ferris

What specific kind of animal is Champ? Champ is a Miniature Australian Shepherd.

How old is Champ? Champ is only eight months old!

Does Champ do any tricks? When you say "pound it," he will give you a fist bump!

Does Champ have any nicknames? No nicknames, but my sister named him Champ because her high school softball team won the State Championship. My dad promised her a dog if they won!


Meet Frankenstein!


Owner: Tim Busa

What specific kind of animal is Frankenstein? Frankeinstein is a Pure Bred Australian Shepherd.

How old is FrankensteinHe is two years old.

Does Frankenstein do any tricks? He walks backwards through every doorway he sees.

Does Frankenstein have any nicknames? His actual name is Frankenstein, why would he need a nickname?


Meet Theo Swift!

Theo Swift

Owner: Courtney Swift

What specific kind of animal is Theo? He's a German Shepherd.

How old is TheoTheo is 10 and a half years old.

Does Theo do any tricks? He's really good at catching things and I think he wishes he could play soccer.

Does Theo have any nicknames? We call him "Theoi" (in an Australian accent), "Theodore" and "Old Man Theo."


Meet Sophia!


Owner: Joe Tavano

What specific kind of animal is Sophia? Cat.

How old is Sophia? Sophia is nine years old. 

Does Sophia do any tricks? She can open door, pull treats out of bags and melt your heart in two seconds flat. 

Does Sophia have any nicknames? We call her "Kit," "Bip," "Bippo," "Strongpaws," "Paws," "Pooey," "Chick," "Tiny," "Tines," "The Furry Genius" and "Ham."


Meet Mia!


Owner: Scott Glidden

What specific kind of animal is Mia? Mia is a rescue from Miami.

How old is Mia? Mia is three years old. 

Does Mia do any tricks? Mia can sit on her back lags and give great high fives. 

Does Mia have any nicknames? We call Mia "Puppy."

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