Our Mumbai Office Celebrates Republic Day!

Posted February 9, 2016by Lily Teplow


On January 26, many of our Vikings team members in Mumbai celebrated the Republic Day of India. Republic Day commemorates the Constitution of India coming into force, and is one of three national holidays celebrated in India. Celebration was in full force in our Mumbai office, with many employees dressing up and participating in festive activities!

Read on to learn more about the history of Republic Day, how it is celebrated, and also what it means to our employees in Mumbai!


A Brief History

Republic Day in India is celebrated on the date that the Constitution of India came into force, honoring the country’s transition in becoming an independent republic. This Constitution paved the way for democracy in India, and gave citizens the power to chose their own government. Not only does Republic Day celebrate India’s unity, it also symbolizes its diversity and rich cultural heritage.

Republic Day is celebrated with various flag hoisting ceremonies and parades across different parts of the country. This year, the 67th Republic Day, also featured the first parade held along the entire stretch of Marine Drive in Mumbai! To learn more about Republic Day and its unique history, click here.



Mumbai Office Celebrations

Many of our Mumbai employees enthusiastically participated in the Republic Day celebrations by dressing up in the national tri-colors — which are deep saffron, white, and dark green — and also painting their faces and hands with the national flag. Nilesh Belose, a NOC Support Engineer, describes his day as having a “great feeling of Patriotism and I had fun coloring the tri-color on my friends and colleagues.”


For our employees in Mumbai, Republic Day is a spirited and fun holiday, but it also evokes a strong sense of pride and patriotism. Komal Bhatt, a Customer Service Associate, said that celebrating “Indian Republican Day makes me proud of being an Indian. I was dressed in tri-color that represented my great country.”



The unity that is honored during Republic Day was definitely felt in our Mumbai office, as our employees celebrated together in high spirits. Taslim Khan, a Customer Service Representative, describes his celebration experience as inspiring a “feeling of togetherness. All my colleagues participated in the republican day celebration.” Also, one of his favorite parts of the celebration was the “distribution of sweets on the floor.

Ashish Kondke, another Customer Service Representative, shared a similar experience to Khan, stating that he enjoyed this day as “a celebration of unity and camaraderie. We all felt united as one Continuum family.”


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