Our Newly Improved BDR Solution is Now Available to All MSPs: Introducing Continuity247®!

Posted October 28, 2015by Continuum Product Team

With liberty and backup for all!

All of us here at Continuum work tirelessly to help our partners more effectively grow and scale their businesses because our success is your success. Recognizing that backup and disaster recovery (BDR) is a significant revenue stream in managed IT services, we're now offering our fully managed BDR platform, Continuity247®, to ALL MSPs and IT service providers. With robust data protection, secure and dependable cloud storage and the freedom to choose from a variety of local and cloud-based backup options, our business continuity solution delivers unparalleled end-to-end management and data protection, both at rest and in transit.

It's also an exciting day for Continuum partners evaluating Continuity247. We took your product reviews to heart (thanks for sending them!) and are confident that these latest updates will provide you with the support you need to send your productivity and profitability soaring up into the clouds!

Back Up More Efficiently with These Platform Updates

If you're an early-adopter Continuum partner currently evaluating Continuity247, here are the latest additions we're unveiling:

Instant Restore for Virtual Workloads

Now, you can restore client data in a matter of minutes! 

Software RAID

Data protection just became easier to achieve. Continuity247 now offers software RAID, as well as hardware support.

Desktop Support

Committed to continually expanding technological support, we now enable you to back up data on Windows 7 and 8 desktop devices.

Improved Pricing and Packaging

This is a big one! When we say Continuity247 is a flexible platform, we mean it. No annual contracts. No wasted storage space. Built to scale at your pace, you'll pay only for what you need on a monthly basis. Choose from the following packages, which each offer a customizable option with pooled storage:


  • 1 daily cloud recovery point (an image containing yesterday’s data) for each protected machine on the appliance


  • 15 fixed cloud recovery points in a 12-month period (5 daily, 3 weekly, 6 monthly, and 1 yearly) for each protected machine on the appliance


  • Customizable cloud recovery points for each protected machine on the appliance, and pooled cloud storage


  • Unlimited local backups only for each protected machine on the appliance, with no cloud storage


What to Look for In Your BDR Solution - Continuity247's Got It All!

To convince you of this, we prepared a short video, highlighting our BDR platform's key features and benefits:


Predictable Backup, Secure Cloud Storage

When you back up data to a local appliance, it can be replicated offsite to the cloud, so your clients can enjoy true peace of mind knowing that business continuity will be maintained in the event of user error, malware, or even a disaster scenario. Continuity247 uses a world-renowned reliable public cloud (IBM’s Cloud, SoftLayer infrastructure) and a dedicated support team to replicate data across multiple U.S. datacenters to help guarantee reliability and availability. Rest assured that data is always secure with block-level encryption that begins the moment you start backing up.

Agnostic Hardware Support

Continuity247 is hardware agnostic, meaning we provide system requirements and supported configurations – including support for both hardware and software RAID – and allow you to choose which vendor you’d like to purchase from so you can maintain existing relationships. Do you have clients with varying needs? Don’t worry! Installing Continuity247 is easy, and you’re free to set up whichever configurations are best-suited for each environment.

Complete Disaster Recovery and Cloud Replication

Let's say you experience a disaster. When you leverage Continuity247, we’ll spin up your complete site as virtual machines on a private network in the cloud, with VPN access for you and your clients. As a result, your clients' downtime will be minimized, and business operations will continue as usual.

Backup Technology Born in the Cloud, for the Cloud

Unlike hardware-oriented BDR solutions, the technology powering Continuity247 wasn’t retrofitted to support the cloud – it was built in the cloud, for the cloud. Already protecting nearly 250,000 servers, this proven technology is trusted by nearly 1,800 web hosting providers – and we’re committed to continue expanding and improving it to meet your needs. Continuity247’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology minimizes the amount of storage used on the appliance and in the cloud.

Simplified User Interface

Continuity247 allows you to easily manage all of your clients’ backups from a central location, with remote access to appliances, protected machines (with Continuum RMM), and the cloud. The platform’s single pane of glass management helps you quickly initiate common tasks such as protecting machines, adjusting retention settings, creating virtual machines and conducting complete file and folder restores. The ITSupport portal also features realtime reporting on backup deployment and cloud usage, and quick access to complete ticketing support.

Seamless Integration with Continuum RMM

When you pair Continuity247 with Continuum’s Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform, you can deliver complete, comprehensive end-to-end IT management and data protection. Installing RMM gives our network operations center (NOC) technicians access to protected machines, expands the scope of issues they can resolve, and provides you with direct access to your machines from the ITSupport portal.

Next Steps 

Thank you again to all who've paved the way for your peers by evaluating Continuity247, the only fully managed BDR platform for MSPs. Without your honest feedback, we wouldn't have been able to deliver the business-grade backup solution we're releasing to the managed IT services market today.



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