Partner Spotlight: Scott Spiro of Computer Solutions Group, Inc. Speaks Out on Recent Data Breach and Identity Theft

Posted February 13, 2015by Brandon Garcin


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Just recently in Los Angeles, Scott Spiro, CEO of Computer Solutions Group, Inc., shared his thoughts on cybersecurity, identity theft, and the recent stock market downplaying of the Anthem Blue Cross hack.

Currently, Scott is an active member of the United States Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Forceso when it comes to security, Scott knows what he's talking about! 

Anthem Breach, Wall Street's Reaction

Anthem-blue-crossIn an article published by the LA Times, Scott commented on the recent data breach at Anthem Blue Cross. With this one attack, the information of over 80 million employees and customers had been compromised, making it “the worst security data breach of a US healthcare company.”

Scott, who’s company has a reputation for providing first class security to their customers, understood the magnitude of the breach and its implications.

"This is a massive mistake."

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He later expressed his disappointment with Wall Street for only dropping Anthem’s shares by a modest 42 cents.

"There's clearly not enough accountability if the stock market isn't recognizing the danger of what's happening here." 

Identity Hijacking and Who's Most Vulnerable

college-students-identity-theftIn another article published last week, Scott shared his information security expertise with CBS News identifying the group of people most vulnerable to identity theft. Any guesses?  

If you guessed college students, you'd be correct! The Computer Solutions Group CEO pinpoints this group of millenials as the prime target for identity hijacking. Why? A few reasons. For one, many college students use smartphones, but don't understand the costly consequences of identity theft and don't protect themselves enough. According to the latest findings from the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book:

"On the average, rip-off victims spend around $4,000 recovering from a single incident."

College students are also usually required to give their social security number (SSN) to obtain class information.

In the article, Scott emphasized the importance of digital security and the consequences students face when they don't take the necessary precautions to avoid the long-term implications an attack can have on their name and future. 

So how can college students stop themselves from becoming victims of identity hijacking schemes? Scott explains:

“I would advise that students shred all pre-approved credit card offers and bills before trashing them and keep important documents, like social security cards, bank statements and receipts, under lock and key. Moreover, they must never shop online or pay bills from a public computer.”


Congratulations again to our awesome partner and information security leader, Scott Spiro! We can’t wait to see which publications Computer Solutions Group, Inc. is featured in next!

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