Reporting API By Continuum Allows Integration With Any Third Party Vendor

Posted October 5, 2016by Ben Barker


Continuum has released the Continuum Reporting API, allowing open access to agent asset data by third party vendors and Continuum’s MSP partners. Now, vendors can integrate with Continuum to help increase efficiencies in client workflow and gain insight into combined data. Partners can now make authenticated requests for raw reporting data to build custom reports in-house or through a third party reporting vendor.

The Reporting API provides access to more than 200 unique data fields, ranging from basic machine information to patching, antivirus and backup data.

Brian Herr, Vice President, Products at Continuum, had this to say.

“We are happy to answer the call from our MSP partners to provide access to Continuum’s raw reporting data to allow integration with their third party vendors in order to build custom reports in-house, streamline documentation and more. We expect this new open API to be used for endless opportunities for partners to increase their workflow efficiencies.”

With the new Reporting API, Continuum now integrates with IT Glue™, a proven, best practices-driven IT documentation platform packed with features designed to help MSPs reduce waste and maximize profit. 

Chris Day, CEO at IT Glue, is excited about the integration.

“IT Glue was privileged to be involved in the evolution of Continuum’s Reporting API, and we are excited to be able to leverage it through integration to provide value to our mutual partners. It has been a pleasure working with Continuum on this project and we look forward to the future of this strong partnership.”

Additionally, Continuum now integrates with BrightGauge, providing consolidation of IT vendor reports in one place and allowing MSPs to build in-house custom reports, charts and dashboards to increase technicians’ efficiency.

Eric Dosal, Co-Founder and CEO of BrightGauge, had this to say.

“The Continuum team made a commitment to roll out a newly improved Reporting API with our recommendations included, and they proved to us that they are not only a company that stands behind their commitments, but they are able to move fast and be nimble even given all their priorities. We were in constant communication with the product team, getting regular updates on progress and requests for information. It showed they are a serious partner to work with which is very refreshing in the industry.”

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