Continuum University Issues 1,000 Specialty Certifications

Posted by Alicia Lazzaro on April 20, 2016


Continuum University
, the self-paced online learning center at Continuum, has issued 1,000 specialty certifications in various disciplines including Administration, Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), Help Desk and Backup Solutions.

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Continuum's Technical Roadshow Hits the Halfway Point

Posted by Courtney Margossian on April 5, 2016

Continuity247_BDR_Platform_Technical_Roadshow_Going_Strong_Check_Out_VideoContinuum's Technical Roadshow has hit the "half-way" point! Since kicking off in early March, Continuum has traveled across California, Denver, Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, teaching its MSP partners how to get the most out of the Continuum Platform.  

Training days are broken down into two sessions. The morning session is designed to explore Continuum’s RMM solution and the afternoon session investigates Continuity247. There are still plenty of stops left on the Roadshow, so be sure to see if Continuum will be in your neck of the woods!

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Continuity247® Technical Roadshow Catch-Up [Video]

Posted by Lily Teplow on June 9, 2015

Continuity247_BDR_Platform_Technical_Roadshow_Going_Strong_Check_Out_VideoContinuum's Continuity247® cross-country Technical Roadshow is half-way done! We've really enjoyed traveling across California, North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, Maryland, and Georgia teaching you, our MSP partners, about how to deliver flexible, convenient, and profitable BDR business continuity services to your clients. Continuity247 is engineered to meet the needs of any client, and offers a range of packages and deployment options to maximize your margins.

Throughout our roadshow we have offered FREE technical training through our Continuum U partner education and certification platform. Find out which remaining cities we'll be stopping by, and learn how you can fully leverage the key benefits and features of Continuity247! 

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Continuum Tees Off Continuity247® at Autotask Community Live 2015 in Miami!

Posted by Lily Teplow on May 27, 2015


Last week, a few folks at Continuum were lucky enough to travel to sunny Miami for Autotask Community Live 2015. As a gold sponsor at Autotask's annual user conference, we couldn't wait to walk through the benefits of our new fully managed BDR platform, Continuity247®, and catch up with partners over a friendly game of golf.

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Congratulations to Our 1000 Continuum University Certified IT Experts!

Posted by Mary McCoy on May 20, 2015


image source:

Polyester robes billowing in the late morning breeze, tassels flipped to the left side of graduation caps, balloons with "Congrats Grad!" displayed in proud bubble letters. 

Yes, it's graduation season. Last weekend, I was reminded of my own college graduation day as I scrolled through photos of colleagues receiving diplomas from my alma mater, the University of Virginia (UVa). This is the time of the year when we honor the accomplishments of our peers and celebrate their commitment to higher education. My school's founder, Thomas Jefferson, believed that learning was a never-ending process. We have the same philosophy here at Continuum and strive to offer partners the educational resources they need in order to grow their businesses. Today, I'm proud to share that 1000 of our MSP partners have successfully advanced their technical training by graduating from Continuum University, our FREE, self-paced, and interactive online learning center.

Look out world, there's a whole new class of Continuum certified IT experts ready to transform service delivery!

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Continuity247® Technical Roadshow Kicks Off Tomorrow in Sacramento!

Posted by Continuum Product Team on May 13, 2015


Coming to a city near you...

Continuum's taking a road trip! We're pleased to announce that tomorrow, our cross-country Continuity247® Technical Roadshow officially begins in Sacramento, CA! Continuity247 is our new fully managed backup solution that's already helping you, our MSP partners, deliver reliable, flexible, convenient and profitable BDR and business continuity services to your clients. To continue supporting your adoption of this latest product, we're now offering a series of technical trainings through our Continuum U partner education and certification platform. Find out which cities we'll be stopping by along the way, and learn how you can fully leverage the key benefits and features of Continuity247!

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Rise to the Top of the MSP Class with Continuum U!

Posted by Mary McCoy on February 20, 2015


Are you looking to get more out of our RMM platform? Join the ranks of our 891 graduates, and enroll in Continuum U! Save time and master our managed IT services solution with this easy-to-use, self-paced online training program. Best part? There's no application necessary, and it's completely FREE! If you have access to the ITSupport Portal, you have access to Continuum U. It's that easy! Find out why so many MSP partners like you are boasting the title of Continuum Certified IT Expert...

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Do You Know about Our Continuum U Partner Certification Program?

Posted by Mary McCoy on February 5, 2015


Did you know that we offer partners certification in Continuum products and services? Continuum U gives users a comprehensive and digestible curriculum of over 100 modules and approximately 8 hours of video courses.

We're 100% committed to the channel and showing our MSPs love. We're in this fight together and want to make sure that partners and their technicians are fully educated in our managed IT services platform. If you have access to our ITSupport Portal, you have access to Continuum U. It's that easy! 

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Introducing: Company News, Your Continuum Success Hub!

Posted by Mary McCoy on January 21, 2015


It's too bad a camera crew doesn't follow us all around, capturing footage of every-day life at the Continuum offices. And just a side note, between the Ping Pong duels, team chants, and lively sales calls, they’d have a documentary of entertaining content. 

Ok so you’re not looking to DVR our antics anytime soon, but maybe you’d like to know which events we’re attending or speaking at. I’m sure you’d at least like to read up on our latest products and services. With the introduction of our blog, Company News, you can expect updates on our channel involvement as well as partner spotlights, enablement, education, and more!

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