Continuum's PA Office Holds Successful Battery Drive

Posted by Ben Barker on August 23, 2016


Earlier this month, Matt Mainhart, Technical Sales Engineer, Continuum, and Battery Giant, a local business, held a battery drive at Continuum's Cranberry Township, PA office. On August 12, members of the Cranberry Business Park and the surrounding community participated by dropping off used batteries to be properly disposed.

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Continuum's Video Team Adds to Trophy Case with Two Videographer Awards

Posted by Ben Barker on August 11, 2016


Continuum's award-winning video team added to its list of accomplishments by having two of its projects recognized at the 20th Annual Videographer Awards. The Videographer Awards recognizes outstanding achievement by individuals and companies in the video production field.

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Continuum Mumbai's Chanpreet Bhui Contributes to Mumbai 5s Futsal Premier League Championship

Posted by Ben Barker on August 8, 2016


Continuum employees are talented in many ways. Chanpreet Bhui, a member of Continuum Mumbai's Vikings Team, was recently a key contributor to his team's Futsal Premier League Tournament Championship. The Mumbai 5s team was led by Manchester United legend and ex-assistant manager, Ryan Giggs.

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Ai-Li Lim Named Senior Vice President, Human Resources at Continuum

Posted by Ben Barker on August 1, 2016


Continuum has appointed Ai-Li Lim as Senior Vice President, Human Resources for the company. Lim was brought on to ensure that Continuum is a great place to work for its more than 1,250 employees located across five global offices. Ai-Li was previously the Vice President of Human Resources at Boston Beer Company where she supported 1,500 employees in nine locations.

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Mumbai's Continuum Connect Team Holds Book Balancing Race

Posted by Ben Barker on July 14, 2016


Throughout the month of June, the Mumbai Continuum Connect Team organized a series of "back to school" games that were designed to inspire nostalgia and bring employees back to their youth. The fourth and final event, a book balancing race, was held on June 27th. 

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Continuum's Pennsylvania Office Holds Summer Cookout

Posted by Ben Barker on June 29, 2016


With summer officially upon us, Continuum's Pennsylvania office decided to get in the spirit and host a company cookout. The event took place on June 16, and despite sporadic downpours, proved to be a fun, team-bonding activity for the entire office. With two grills running, there was plenty of delicious food for everyone in attendance.

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Continuum's PA Office Celebrates Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Championship

Posted by Ben Barker on June 16, 2016


Despite Continuum operating as one team to help its MSP partners grow, the employees at the different Continuum office locations often find themselves rooting for different professional sports teams. Most recently, the Pittsburgh Penguins sent the Cranberry Township, PA office into a frenzy when they captured the Stanley Cup Championship.

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Surprise Flash Mob Performed at Continuum's Mumbai Office

Posted by Ben Barker on June 9, 2016


Last month, the Continuum Connect Team organized a series of fun activities to help beat the heat of May. In addition to a Tug of War battle and a Mother's Day selfie contest, a flash mob was organized and performed. The engineering team took to the floor and danced their hearts out to five minutes of Hollywood and Bollywood music.

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Continuum's Houston Office Treated to Impromptu Waffle Party

Posted by Ben Barker on May 25, 2016


Employees at Continuum's Houston office got a little surprise earlier this month when they arrived to work. Account Manager, David Wells greeted his co-workers with an array of waffle creations in the kitchen. David was the chef, while Office Manager, Tracy Koch provided the ingredients for the feast.

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