Toronto-Based eProsper Finds Success with Continuum's Continuity247®

Posted May 5, 2016by Ben Barker


Toronto-based eProsper® Inc. has successfully transitioned their customers from Vault to Continuity247®. Continuum's new backup platform offers greater insights, faster data restore times and stronger technical support than Vault, its predecessor. eProsper became a Continuum partner in 2013 and originally utilized Vault BDR services. 

Continuity247 boasts robust data protection, secure and dependable cloud storage and a range of local and cloud-based backup options. The platform also integrates seamlessly with Continuum’s RMM and enables the company’s MSP partners to deliver a complete IT management solution to their clients.

Robert Smith, Founder and Principal of eProsper, couldn't be happier with his decision to make the transition to Continuity247 from Vault.

“We have much more information available to us with Continuity247 than we did with Vault. The Continuity247 dashboard is directly connected to our IT Support Portal and RMM data, and has a stronger user interface. The process of recovering files is also much faster and simpler with Continuity247 than it was with Vault. The transition was much smoother than we anticipated, and we received phenomenal support from Continuum during the process.”

To access the case study, “The Evolution of Continuum BDR: eProsper’s Transition from Vault to Continuity247,” visit:


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