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On February 25, Continuum held an official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in its new Boston headquarters at 99 High Street. Among those in attendance was Joe Panettieri, Executive VP & Content Czar of ChannelE2E and Amy Katz, President & CEO of ChannelE2E. Joe and Amy sat down with Continuum CEO, Michael George to discuss the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Continuum's growth and more.

The first topic of discussion was Continuum's new office. Located on the 31st floor, the new space has a 360 degree view of Boston. Amy Katz talked about her first impression of the office, and what it could mean for Continuum.

"The space is obviously so innovative, it's really going to attract smart people who want to come to work and think and collaborate together, so it was really a nice and refreshing layout versus a lot of corporate facilities we've been to."

Joe Panettieri added to the discussion by making mention of the importance of the Boston location.

"The thing that I found interesting this morning was the way you connected the dots between Boston and New England and Massachusetts history of technology. Whether it's the Data Generals or the Digitals or the Wangs, you connected the dots for us from that era to the current day and showed how well this area is doing."

The conversation then moved to the quality of talent available in Boston. Michael George mentioned Continuum's internship programs and the fact that much of Continuum's leadership team has been in Boston for quite some time.

"We do a fair amount of work in and around interns and we have a number of internship programs which are absolutely terrific. A lot of the senior people that we hire here are people that have been in and around the Boston tech community for quite a while. It's a well stitched-together community of people."

For the rest of the conversation between Michael George, Joe Panettieri, and Amy Katz, just click play on the video above!


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